Bathroom Furniture You Should Invest In

Choosing the right furniture for your bathroom is an efficient way to elevate the appeal and functionality of your space. Whether you are planning to add storage space for your toiletries, upscale your vanity area or maximize the usable space in your bathroom – picking versatile bathroom furniture is an excellent go-to solution.

At Wollongong Bathroom Renovations, we know that there can be various aspects to consider when remodelling a bathroom. However, if you are not keen on handling a total overhaul, adding a feature in your bathroom that can be both practical and decorative might be the next best thing.

Before you begin with your bathroom furniture shopping, it is essential to note some considerations. Does it fit your existing theme and style? Can it add additional storage space for your bathroom? Every bathroom has different requirements, so it might be better to consider the aspects that complement and enhance your space. To help you have some idea of what bathroom furniture you should invest in, we have gathered some must-haves that can upscale the functionality and appeal of your bathroom.

Corner Vanity Unit

A corner vanity unit offers various advantages, especially for smaller or uniquely shaped bathrooms where effective use of space is imperative. Since it is usually installed in the corner of your bathroom countertop, a corner vanity unit can make the underutilized space useful. Aside from its practical uses, a corner vanity unit can also upgrade the overall look of your bathroom because it comes in a large number of designs and colours. From modern and elegant vanity units to classic and traditional ones, you can easily scour for those that will meet your style preferences.

Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit

Since this type of vanity unit is mounted off the floor, it can provide the illusion of more space for your bathroom. There will also be a free space on the floor underneath the unit, so it will be a lot easier to mop and clean the area. Another advantage that a wall hung vanity can extend to you is that you can have it fitted to your wall so its elevation can suit your height, and you no longer need to tiptoe or bend just to use the unit.

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

For those who want to save some bathroom floor space and money, why not try purchasing a mirrored bathroom cabinet? This unit is a functional and versatile storage solution that can be used for keeping toiletries, cleaning products, accessories, towels and more. These cabinets can help reduce the clutter and provide a seamless appeal to your bathroom. Since they already have mirrors, you can opt to not purchase a separate one for your sink. Moreover, there are mirrored bathroom cabinets available in a myriad of stylish design options, and you can also have them customized to blend into your existing décor.

Bathroom Storage Unit

If you don’t want your bathrooms to end up cluttered all the time, it might be time to invest in a good bathroom storage unit. A wall-mounted storage cabinet can be a great space saver for those who don’t have enough space in their bathroom. These units can efficiently store your bathroom necessities out of sight, so they will help keep your bathroom looking organized. Besides that, these cabinets come in a diverse collection of designs, so you can have a flexible storage solution that will meet your requirements and match your aesthetic preferences.

Angular Table

If you want to have storage space that can be conveniently moved around your bathroom, you can try having an angular table. Since it is flexible in design and movable, you can bring it next to the tub or your vanity unit. You can also use it to hold your scented candles, so you don’t have to worry about it when relaxing in your tub.


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