Top 5 Must-Try Bathroom Trends for Summer

Do you wish to create a spa-like bathroom in your new home? Or are you scouring for bathroom design ideas for your next bathroom renovation? Whether you prefer to have a minimal upgrade or plan to have a total overhaul, renovating your bathroom can significantly upscale your home’s functionality and curb appeal.

At Wollongong Bathroom Renovations, we understand that conceptualizing a new look for your bathroom is not an easy feat. With all the ideas and trends for bathroom renovations, picking the right one can seem like an endless process. That is why our certified professionals have gathered some excellent bathroom trends to keep you in the know and give you inspiration for your next project.


When summertime kicks in, it might be a great time to go for natural materials and furnishings. Without a doubt, wood is a classic material choice for any part of your home. Although wood is not usually used in the bathroom because it can warp or rot over time, you can still incorporate this material on your bathroom walls or floor coverings. It can also be used as an accent on countertops. Besides that, you can also find bathroom fixtures with a wooden base and stainless steel fitting that can add a touch of elegant and modern style to your bathroom.

Stone or Marble

Marbles and stones are also one of the most sought-after material choices when it comes to bathroom renovations. Through the sophisticated aesthetic appeal and practical uses of marble, you can instantly upscale the look of your bathroom countertop and vanity area. On the other hand, natural stones are also a trendy choice because of their beauty and functionality. You can utilize it on walls, floors, countertops and sinks. This material can offer a unique visual appeal and tactile texture in your bathroom.

Warm Metallics

Metals are one of the most prominent interior trends for any season. Warmer metallics such as antique bronze, brass and gold are great choices for those who wish to achieve a luxurious finish for their bathroom. Since they reflect light and can exude an industrial or sophisticated touch to your shower or vanity area, you can also use metals with contrasting tones to create an aesthetic layer and add depth to your space. Besides that, you can opt to just sprinkle some gold finished bathroom accessories in a bathroom with walls made of natural materials like stone or marble.

Earthy Palettes

If you prefer to create a warm and relaxing space in your bathroom, you can stick to earthy and neutral tones on your bathroom’s walls, fixtures or tiles. You can convert your simple bathroom into an oasis using calming shades such as sage greens and soft beiges or vibrant terracotta and olive shades. You can also integrate some raw and earthy-coloured materials to add warmth and help soften the colour scheme in your bathroom.

Bold Colours

Be adventurous and show your creative side in your bathroom by adding a playful touch of bold colours to your bathroom. It doesn’t have to dominate the overall appeal of your bathroom. You can just add some pop of colour to your tiles or feature walls. Moreover, there are also freestanding roll-top bathtubs that come in a myriad of colours that can add a unique statement to your bathroom.


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