Which Is the Better Choice Between One-Piece Toilets and Two-Piece Toilets?

Whether you need to get rid of your old leaky toilet or want to completely remodel your bathroom, picking the right toilet for your bathroom is vital. However, since they are available in various sizes, configurations and designs, some people may find it confusing what toilet to purchase for their bathroom.

At Wollongong Bathroom Renovations, we have a diverse set of clients throughout the town. That is why our team provides a variety of bathroom renovation solutions that can suit their specific needs and preferences. Although there are only two toilet types and they usually have the same functionality, it is still essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Doing so will ensure that you can choose the one that can best fit your requirements. Our team have gathered the upsides and drawbacks of each toilet type. Check them out and determine what you think will be your best choice for your next home improvement project.

One-Piece Toilets

This toilet type is considered a modern design for toilets. It is widely manufactured and commonly used all over the world. It is called a one-piece toilet because its tank and bowl are fused to create a single unit. Since this type of toilet is typically smaller, it is a great choice for people with small bathrooms. Aside from that, here are the pros and cons of one-piece toilets.


It is easier to clean and maintain because the toilet has no separate components.

One-piece toilets are usually smaller in size, so they will not make bathrooms look cramped.

It offers a clean and minimalist style, so it is an excellent choice for modern bathrooms.

You will no longer have to create specific provisions in your bathroom to support the toilet’s tank.

Compared to two-piece toilets, a single unit toilet doesn’t have gaps or joints between the toilet’s tank and bowl, so you don’t have to worry about hard-to-reach dirt and grime build-up.

It is said to be more durable and long-lasting because it has no joining parts prone to leaks and repairs.

A one-piece toilet features a mounting option.


One-piece toilets can significantly cost higher compared to two-piece toilets.

It is quite difficult to move and install because of its size and weight.

It offers limited rough-in options.

Two-Piece Toilets

A two-piece toilet is introduced in the market earlier and has a lower upfront price than a one-piece toilet. Its bowl and tank are separately built, so it needs fittings to be assembled properly. Here are the advantages and downsides of a two-piece toilet.


If you want a cost-friendly choice, a two-piece toilet can be your go-to choice.

It is easier to ship compared to one-piece toilets.

You will have more choices when it comes to style, height and rough-in options.

The parts can be replaced separately, so you don’t really have to buy a new toilet if the tank or bowl has problems.

Two-piece toilets can be a great choice for traditionally styled bathrooms.

You can be as creative as you want and try using different tank and bowl designs.


It can be a challenge to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Dirt, grime, and bacteria can easily accumulate on the gaps and joints.


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