Top Showerhead Options for Your Bathroom

Since using the bathroom is part of everyone’s daily routine, keeping it in tip-top shape and condition is essential. Aside from that, it can also be a private space where you can unwind and let go of the day’s stress and worries. So if you wish to give your bathroom some touch-ups or plan to have an extensive remodelling project, it might be best to start with your shower area. Upgrading your showerhead can be a simple yet substantial makeover for your bathing space. However, with the variety of showerheads offered in the market, you might find it daunting to choose which one will work well for your bathroom.

At Wollongong Bathroom Renovation, we recommend that you focus on the features you require as well as the aesthetics or theme of your bathing space. Do you need a sleek and versatile showerhead? Or do you prefer to have a luxurious and high-pressure one? By knowing the functionality, you require and the style you prefer, you can significantly narrow down your options. Our team wants to help you in your bathroom renovation projects, so we have curated the top showerhead options you can have in your bathroom. Look into each of their features and pick your best choice.

Wall-Mount Showerheads

This type of showerhead is perhaps one of the most classic choices out there. Aside from its simple design, it is also easier to install because they work well with the common setup of a plumbing system. We recommend wall-mount showerheads for people who want to save more on materials and installation. A wall-mount showerhead is attached to the wall above the shower’s faucet. It is typically installed at a high spot, so this type of showerhead can work well for you if you are of average height.

Through innovations, you can also find wall-mount showerheads that come in a diverse variety of elaborate designs, spray options and sizes. At Wollongong Bathroom Renovations, we advise that you choose a wall-mount showerhead with features that can withstand corrosion, tarnishing and water build-up.

Handheld Showerheads

Just like what its name suggests, a handheld showerhead is usually installed on the waterline with a hose so you can easily hold them. Through this feature, you can take the showerhead off its mount and move it around your shower area. A handheld showerhead is excellent for people with mobility issues because you can easily move the showerhead around. Besides that, it is also a handy bathroom fixture if you want to efficiently and quickly wash your pets in the tub.

Waterfall/Rain Showerheads

If you wish to have a stylish and functional showerhead in your bathroom, a waterfall showerhead can be one of your best picks. Compared to other traditionally designed showerheads, this type has used modern design and technology. Most waterfall showerhead varieties only have one set, but its size is larger than the usual showerheads.

Since it has a broader coverage and produces a slow and gentle trickle of water, your showering experience will feel like you are under a waterfall. It is a great pick for people who prefer a steady and relaxing flow of water instead of a high-pressure one. A rain showerhead is typically attached to the ceiling, but you can also opt to have it mounted on your wall. However, because of the large amount of water required to imitate the trickle of rain, this type of showerhead is not that water-efficient.


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